Bastian Tito (August 23rd, 1945 - January 2nd, 2006) is cerita silat writer, whose master piece is Wiro Sableng (Wiro The Crazy Warior). He started to write seriously while still in 3rd grade of primary school. In Wiro Sableng, he spiced his cerita silat with magic and magical creatures [1], an Indonesian mixture of wuxia and Harry Potter theme, long before the Harry Potter Series was published. The Wiro character and stories had been made into television series, which was more famous than the books [2] Bastian Tito died in 2006 and memories of him remains in his fans heart[3][4][5][6].


Bastian Tito works always titled by its main character's name. His works are[7]:

  • Wiro Sableng series:
    • Serikat Candu Iblis (The Leauge of the Devil's Opium)
    • Dendam Manusia Paku (The Vengeance of The Nail Man)
    • Dewi Ular(Queen of the Snakes)
    • Ratu Laut Utara (Queen of the North Sea)
    • Sepasang Manusia Bonsai (The Pair of the Bonsai Men)
    • Pendekar Gunung Fuji (Warior from Mount Fuji)
    • Halilintar di Singosari dan Pelangi di Majapahit (The Thunderbolt in Singosari and The Rainbow in Majapahit)
    • Harimau Singgalang (The Singgalang Tiger)
    • etc.
  • Mahesa Kelut (The Mahesa from Mount Kelut) series:
    • Pedang Sakti dan Keris Ular Emas (The Mighty Sword and the Golden Snake Kris)
  • Mahesa Edan (The Mad Mahesa) series:
    • Pendekar dari Liang Kubur (The Warior from the Grave)
  • Roro Centil (The Coquettish Girl) series:
    • Pendekar Wanita Pantai Selatan (The Lady Warrior from The South Sea)

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