This page shows the manual guide of a style for an article, it is best that you know how to create an article before reading this policy.

General ArticleEdit

A general article is a normal article, such as Republic of Indonesia and Republic of Singapore. In order for an article to be a well, balanced, organized one, it must have at least 3 - 5 introductory paragraphs (to prevent a Indonesia Wiki:Stub). Section at each and every topic, if one does not have this, then it is in need of cleanup.

It also needs categories, it may have 1, it may have 10 at best. But the number of categories do not count. A well based article is absolutely not copied from Wikipedia, and especially with Wikipedia links, the above 2 articles are not perfect general articles, but close since it is copied from Wikipedia, but they removed the Wikipedia redirect links.

An article also would be in its own words, done with research and reading. Also, having at least 2 images too would be a general perfect article too.


Yes, galleries are allowed on the Indonesia Wiki, so we can put beautiful pictures in one page, rather than crumming up pages in the main page. Now, the rule for galleries is that the galleries should be put in one seperate page, but it may be allowed on the page itself in extreme cases. The second case is that the galleries must be in a page with the title, such as this: Sukarno/Gallery, which it has the main article, and then the subpage, which is "Gallery". The page does not have to be thumbnail, but it must be organized.


Quotes should be neat, soft, and lightening. Rather not vulgar. Quotes have to have " all around the quote, and must be used in "< blockquote>". If there are more than three - five quotes, then it may be separated into its own page, but in Subpages.


Subpages may be used rather than an alone article if needed, check with an administrator for more details.