This policy page shows how to speedy deletions work and the reasons for requesting speedy deletions. Please read this page before getting started on setting {{Delete}} tags on different pages to prevent yourself from getting blocked by local administrators for disruption. Take note that once that speedy delete template is put on a page, it will end up in Category:Candidates for speedy deletion for admins to delete it.

Reasons Edit

General Edit

These cases apply to all Indonesia Wiki pages, including the specific types listed separately.

  1. Nonsense. Pages with meaningless content created in obvious contradiction to Wikiquote policy, including patent nonsense (e.g, "sdhgdf"), test pages (e.g., "Can I really create a page here?"), and vandalism. (Admins: please review specific policies to verify case before deleting.)
  2. Already deleted. Reposted content that was deleted according to Indonesia Wiki deletion policy. This does not apply to content that was undeleted according to undeletion policy.
  3. Housekeeping. Non-controversial maintenance tasks such as temporarily deleting a page in order to merge page histories, performing a non-controversial page move like reversing a redirect, or removing a disambiguation page that only points to a single article.
  4. Author request. Any page for which deletion is requested by the original author, provided the page was edited only by its author and was mistakenly created. If the author blanks the page, this can be taken as a deletion request.
  5. Orphaned talk page. Talk pages of pages which do not exist, unless they contain deletion discussion which isn't logged elsewhere.
  6. Spam. Pages which try to host or advertise a site. Most spam pages would have a link to some random, akward page, which may be in other languages. Some examples are (visit to get the newest shopping sprees!). Indonesia Wiki:Spam